Changes in the 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook

The 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook has been updated from the 2016 edition.

Here are the highlights.

  • The guidebook has been revised to make it easier to read and understand.
  • How to use the Orange Guides has been added to the ERG. A copy of this How to Use the Orange Guide is here.
  • 34 materials have been moved to different Orange Guides upon review of the chemical properties of the material
    Those identification numbers with new Orange Guides are: UN1006, UN1046, UN1056, UN1065, UN1066, UN1112, UN1199, UN1450, UN1494, UN1500, UN1649, UN1802, UN1848, UN1865, UN1872, UN1928, UN1990, UN1994, UN2036, UN2209, UN2211, UN2381, UN2438, UN2721, UN2806, UN2983, UN3084, UN3093, UN3257, UN3304, UN3308, UN3379, UN3380, and UN3463.
  • Caution sentences were added for specific compounds, such as liquified natural gas (LNG), ethanol, methanol, flammable aerosols, etc.
  • In the Orange Guide, highlighted and non-highlighted materials are identified in the guides to make them easier to understand. See below

Here is a summary of the changes you will find in the 2020 that PHMSA issued and you can download the 2020 ERG here.

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