HazMat Training

Safety Specialists, Inc. has been providing expert hazardous materials training since 1993. Through this time, we are offering customized private and public group webinars.  Private instructor led training focused on your company, your products and your compliance needs.  Our public instructor led training still focus on you but with the interaction of a public seminar.

Prior to any training, an expert instructor will contact you to determine what you are shipping, how it is being shipped and any specific questions and concerns that you have.

We are here to help determine the most effective training.  Call us at 704-573-0955 and we will be happy to assist you.

Benefits of Safety Specialists Training

  • Assisting clients with hazmat compliances for 30 years.
  • Customized hazardous materials training materials for your products.
  • Up to date training materials – course materials are updated as regulations change.
  • Questions will be answered concerning your specific products and carriers.
  • 3 years of HazMat Help Support – ask our experts hazardous materials compliance questions and we will provide answers.
  • Notification of regulatory changes.