HazMat Consulting

Safety Specialists, Inc. provides hazardous materials transportation safety training and consulting to all types of organizations; manufacturers, shippers, distributors, carriers and government agencies. Safety Specialists simplifies hazardous materials compliance.

Services Offered:

♦ Hazardous materials education program development

♦ Train the trainer

♦ Recorded training programs

♦ Webinars

♦ Hazardous materials shipping policies and procedures audits

♦ Hazardous materials product classification and identification

♦ Cost savings exceptions

♦ Compliance with Postal Regulations

♦ Regulatory interpretations

♦ Special permit application assistance

♦ Lithium battery transportation assistance

♦ Hazardous materials security plan development and audits

♦ Penalty mitigation for alleged violation

♦ Hazardous materials packaging design and testing assistance

♦ Hazmat Help Support

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