We are here for you

During this unpresentanted time, we are here for you. We are all in this together. We are working from our homes and still offering training and consulting services. We have been working with companies who are now producing hand sanitizer and with organizations who are offering emergency medical assistance. This is what I can do to help. This is my part.

We continue to offer assistance and support for your hazardous materials needs. Have a questions or need help with a shipment, give us a call. Or if you just want to talk and catch up. We are here.

For your training needs, we offer online classes. Contact us to learn more. (704) 573-0955 or by email at hmtraining@hazmathelp.com. Our customer receive 3 years of HazMat Help support with all of our training at no additional cost – call or email your hazmat questions to us and we will help you out. You are not in hazmat transportation alone. We have your back.

We appreciate you! We hope that you stay safe and healthy through this and we can’t wait to see you!