New Rulemaking HM219

HM 219 3/7/2013 Summary

Final rule permissive effective date 3/7/2013  mandatory date 5/6/2013


172.101 HMT
Deletes  NA 1203 Gasohol  gasoline mixed with not more than 10 % ethyl alcohol

Revises several self reactive flammable solid & liquid entries to allow use of limited quantity exception.

Revises the UN 0509 Smokeless powder listing to allow for reclassification from hazard class 1.4C to Division 4.1, See 172.102 SP 16

172.102 Special provision 16
Allows smokeless powder to be reclassified from class 1.4C to division 4.1

Modifies what Identification markings are required on portable tanks, cargo tanks, tank cars and nurse tanks.  Most of these deal with gasoline and alcohol mixtures.

Allows for alternate shipboard locations for dangerous goods cargo manifest.

Clarifies that manufactures & third part test lab markings on packagings may not be used

178.601, 178.801 & 178.955
Revises record retention requirements for packaging test reports.  These changes only pertain to Packaging manufacturers, and packaging testers.

A copy of the rulemaking can be found here:

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